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Enter the full name and state of residence for any person you want to find, click the Search button, and we’ll sort through billions of records to find their most recent contact information. You can order a People Search Report to find addresses, phone numbers, possible relatives and other useful details. Thank you for visiting, we look forward to helping you find people who have been on your mind.

Enter the name of any person – business associates, friends or even your own – click the Search button and we’ll dig through 40 years of historical records for every relevant piece of information. A Background Report contains information about criminal records, aliases, AKAs, bankruptcies, property ownership, marriage records and a host of other valuable facts.

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I'd been looking for my Aunt Janey for several years and no one seemed to know where she had moved to after her father passed. I tried People Search and found her right away! Thank you PeopleSearch!

Chicago, IL